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two air movers and a dehu in a kitchen

Water Damage Restoration in Lake Clarke Shores

The rapid response from our SERVPRO team prevented ANY water damaged materials--including the wood flooring--from replacement. Our advanced equipment, two centrifugal air movers, and an LGR dehumidifier shown swiftly dried the wet floor "Like it never even happened."

poly plastic barrier blocking entrance, blue tape

Containment in Lake Clarke Shores

SERVPRO goes to great lengths to protect unaffected rooms of a Lake Clarke Shores home during mold remediation and standard demolition. We are Here to Help, not make a bigger mess. We are here to reduce your stress and restore your residence to its preloss condition.

opened drop ceiling, air movers on hardwood floor, clothers

Palm Beach Water Leak

The leak in the plumbing running through the drop ceiling caused minimal damage to this clothing shop in Palm Beach. Why? SERVPRO responded swiftly to remove the damaged ceiling tiles, cleaned up the debris, and placed air movers to dry the affected area. Reducing the moisture salvaged all the hanging clothes.

hanging ceiling material, air movers on carpet, commercial

Storm Damaged Commercial Building

The tropical storm winds ripped the metal roof on this warehouse in Greenacres. The rainwater is gone as several air movers complete the drying process. The goal is to mitigate the storm damage with fast execution.

soot stains on tape and screw heads after a fire

Lake Clarke Shores Fire and Smoke Damage

The heat from the house fire in this Lake Clarke Shore home penetrated the drywall surfaces. The electrostatic soot was attracted to the heated screw heads as depicted in the Photo. SERVPRO can wipe down all material surfaces and apply a primer before repainting the affected walls and ceiling.

dehu and air movers in a kitchen, no base cabinets

Palm Springs Water Leak

The water leaked from the dishwasher in this Palm Springs home. The drying equipment sent up by our SERVPRO team is completing the service and thus prevents the growth of mold from left-behind moisture. Fast service eliminated the need for demolition or loss of belongings or appliances.

vapor barrier attached to piers in crawlspace

Palm Beach Flood Mitigation

The SERVPRO crew can expertly install an encapsulation in the crawlspace of a Palm Beach home. This poly sheeting mitigates flooding damage and improves the indoor air quality of the above living quarters. Another reason Why SERVPRO is the right choice to protect your residence.

equipment drying aisle in warehouse

Greenacres Water Damage Recovery

After a leak in this Greenacres warehouse, the air movers and dehumidifiers are completing the drying process. SERVPRO responded swiftly to prevent damage to the boxed shoes and saved our client plenty of money. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

mold on walls and lifted flooring

Greenacres Storm Result--Mold

The floodwaters left behind sufficient moisture to fuel dormant mold spores to germinate as shown in the Photo. SERVPRO techs can cut out and remove all the wallboard damaged by the storm and the resulting mold. We follow specific guidelines to ensure a safe and successful remediation service.

Burned home, hanging ceiling material and debris in kitchen

Palm Springs Fire Damage

This property in Palm Springs was devastated by a house fire that affected many rooms, as shown in the Photo. SERVPRO can inspect the fire damage and set up a course of action which includes demolition and odor control to mitigate the damage.

air movers drying bedroom

Palm Springs Water Damage

The bedroom in this Palm Springs framed house suffered a leak resulting in extensive damage to the wall paneling and the floorboards. SERVPRO techs removed the non-salvageable materials and proceeded to dry the subflooring, walls, and framing, using air movers before building back to preloss condition.

air mover in motel room

Palm Beach Motel Water Service

The SERVPRO goal is to enter commercial spaces like a motel room in Palm Beach and quickly restore the water damaged unit to its preloss condition. We can help 24/7 to be subtle, not disturb other guests, and quickly dry the room for the next night's stay. Our business is to keep you in business.

squeegees removing water from carpet

Palm Beach Water Damage

This management office in Palm Beach suffered water damage when a pipe split in the restroom. The SERVPRO crew starts the extraction process by pushing the standing water using squeegees. Elbow grease and effort will be followed by setting up air movers and dehumidifiers to preserve the assemblies from replacement.

ruined drywall under window, floorboards lifted and water damaged

Palm Springs Tropical Storm Damage

The rainwater from the storm breached the exterior of this Palm Springs house and damaged the walls and oak floorboards. SERVPRO techs can demolish and remove the non-salvageable building materials and prepare the storm-damaged structure for reconstruction

burned exhaust hood and brown upper cabinets

Greenacres Scorched Kitchen

The clogged filter in this exhaust hood in a Greenacres kitchen resulted in fire damage, as shown in the Photo. The appliance and the upper cabinets were too charred to be salvaged. Our SERVPRO crew can remove the debris, wipe down surfaces and have new cabinets installed.

equipment drying an oak floor with a tent

Palm Springs Water Cleanup

The spill from the dishwasher covered this hardwood flooring in a Palm Springs home with a good amount of water. Our SERVPRO technicians vacuumed up the pooling water and then salvaged the floorboards. We rigged some small "tents" to draw the residual moisture between the planks, tongue and groove joints, and the floor joists. We strive to save and restore and not replace building materials.

sludge in driveway

Lake Clarke Shores Flood Cleanup

The groundwater, once it receded, left a muddy mess that contained biohazardous materials, pesticides, and petroleum artifacts. Our SERVPRO crew can use pressure washers, shovels, and squeegees to remove the debris from the driveway and floor inside the garage. We don PPE equipment because of the nature of the sludge and carefully spray antimicrobial products during the service and again upon completion to ensure a safe and sanitary environment is left behind. Training, advanced equipment, and the willingness to assist our neighbors in their time of need are ingredients that earn us high marks for customer service.

flooded floor, cubicles, gray cabinets

Palm Springs Office Flooding

The cubicles, file cabinets, and flooring, along with sensitive electronics, were rescued from significant water damage by SERVPRO. Our crew responded promptly to this Palm Springs office, extracted the water, and positioned drying equipment.

mud in driveway, orange hose and items

West Palm Beach Flood Cleanup

The mud and sludge from the flooding of a recent storm required SERVPRO to restore this West Palm Beach property to its preloss condition. We remove contents to a dry area, pressure wash the driveway surface after using shovels to remove some of the muck, and then apply an antimicrobial product to the garage's interior. "Like it never even happened."

charred items and content in a garage

Fire Damaged Garage--West Palm Beach

The Photo depicts the extensive fire damage to this garage in West Palm Beach. SERVPRO recommends to our neighbors to always store flammable liquids in approved containers to prevent mishaps like this from happening. Our crew can collect, demolish, and discard the non-salvageable burned building elements and contents, clean the garage of other debris, and then begin the build back.

blistering of wall from water damage, ripples

Water Damaged Wall in Palm Beach

The blistering of the latex paint on this Palm Beach condo wall indicates an obvious water leak. Our SERVPRO team can remove the damaged wallboard, repair the leak, and reconstruct the water damaged area. Your local company is always ready to help.